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First set of questions from January Quiz

18 January 2022

During January, we've been publishing a quiz question each day on our Facebook page. The following day we've published the answer (along with the next question)

Wishing you a very merry Christmas

14 December 2021

This year has been challenging for many of us and for many reasons.

A Quick Quiz for Christmas

13 December 2021

During January, we’re going to run a Daily Quiz on our WritersInc Facebook page.

Exercises you can do in the office

4 October 2021

The good thing about working from home is that work colleagues can’t see what you are doing ...

Case Study – How MadCap Flare makes it easy to write manuals

4 October 2021

We've been working with a company who manufacture a range of electronic products for the international market.

Writing a Proposal

26 July 2021

Atticus Finch says, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

The Not So Silly Season

18 December 2020

This year we have got our fingers crossed that the silly season won’t lead to a COVID Christmas.

Rules for Operating: Alert Level 2 & 3

31 August 2020

Download checklists for your business.

Fancy Being a Writer?

13 August 2020

Lots of people would like to write and would love to be the next Lee Child, Marian Keyes, or Gabriel Krauze.

The New You

27 July 2020

Matariki heralds the start of a new year.

Opportunity Knocks

29 May 2020

It’s a controversial title as for most of us, opportunity doesn’t knock.


23 April 2020

Team New Zealand usually conjures up a vision of our latest Americas Cup boat.

‘H5N1’ What does that mean to you?

15 March 2020

It was 2005’s equivalent of today’s COVID-19.