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Fancy Being a Writer?

Lots of people would like to write and would love to be the next Lee Child, Marian Keyes, or Gabriel Krauze.

The problem? They don’t know where to start. Or maybe they lack stickability.

WritersInc can solve these problems for you.

No, we can’t help you write a best seller or be a Man Booker prize winner. But we can teach you to write clear, concise and effective business documentation.

We’ll explain how to plan, so you know what to write. We’ll help you write in simple, correct English, and we’ll demonstrate the tools of the writing trade so you can speed up your writing.

How do we know our course is great?

We’ve just achieved CPDUK accreditation for our Write-on-Target: Effective Business Writing course. This is an 8-module, self-paced, online course, suitable for continuing professional development.

It has been specially designed for people whose role requires them to write, for example, user guides, operational manuals, reports etc.

So if you fancy being a writer, it’s time to get started.

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PS: “If you are already a bid writer you may like to read this article.