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Filtec | Water and Wastewater Specialists


Their need

Winning a significant contract meant David Bell, Filtec’s Project Manager, had to come to grips very quickly with Australia’s stringent H & S compliance requirements. Filtec would need:

  • Additional safe work practices to protect their employees from ‘bush fires and creepy, crawly and slithery things’
  • A series of safety plans, for submission and approval, prior to work commencing.

David’s solution was to call us.

Our solution

We quickly customised Filtec’s Health and Safety Policy Manual to include the additional safety guidelines needed for Filtec personnel working in rural Australia.

Preparing the safety plans was slightly more complex, as they required national legislation and local by-laws to be translated into practical, do-able plans that would safeguard people as well as the environment – and would not take too long for personnel to add in site-specific details.

We researched and developed safety plans for such topics, as weather safety, bushfire safety, environmental and waste management. We also checked the plans against the compliance brief to ensure all the necessary requirements were met.


Filtec now has a comprehensive suite of Health and Safety documentation which demonstrates they can work safely and in compliance with Australian legislation. The documents are easy to update and can be used for future contracts.