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Microsoft Word templates

Our Microsoft Word templates make creating documentation a lot easier. We create well-designed, functional templates that reflect your brand and ensure a consistently high-quality output.

Why us?

We have over 25 years’ of collective experience in designing simple and effective Word templates. Over the years, we’ve collected some tricks up our sleeves to help you insert text, section outlines and pre-formatted tables at the click of a button. We take you through how to use your new template, and can provide a tip-sheet to ensure your staff use the template consistently.

Read about how we helped Angle with template development. Like what you see? Contact us today to get started.

Why templates?

Imagine a template as a cookie-cutter you can use to create a set of similar documents quickly and easily. There are two main advantages to using templates:

  • Time saving – having a pre-populated, standardised document is an ideal starting point. It eliminates the stress and time wasted with formatting and design. It also focuses the writer with key topics/headings.
  • Consistency – documents produced from a template are standardised. Having the same styles, formatting, design and content structure will give your documents a professional and polished finish.