University of Auckland

Their need

WritersInc were contacted by the Property Services and Capital Works Manager; together we identified there was little standardisation when managing building or refurbishment projects at the University. Each project manager had areas of considerable expertise and experience but their knowledge and skills was not being leveraged. Having a standardised set of processes would ensure:

  • new project managers could be brought up to speed quickly
  • the risks associated with large constructions projects could be mitigated.

Our solution

WritersInc worked with the project managers to define and develop a robust process around managing major and minor capital works. We interviewed project managers with expertise in different stages of the process, and created an SOP template to document the processes into a consolidated set of standard operating procedures (SOPs).


The Property Services Capital Works team now use these SOPs to train new, and existing, project managers. Projects run much more smoothly; potential issues are identified and dealt with well in advance.  As new challenges, and solutions, are identified, we are called in to update these SOPs.