Their need

After winning a large contract to provide training material for an overseas client, Thoughtplanters realised they needed a robust quality management process of this material. Each training module had over 100 pages of content and 30 PowerPoint slides to go through. Without a consistent approach and a large volume of content and documentation, there was a lot of room for error. They contacted WritersInc initially asking for proof-reading services.

Our solution

After meeting with Thoughtplanters' CEO Trevor Gardiner, it was clear that we could significantly increase productivity by developing custom Microsoft Word templates. We developed these to:

  • reduce the number of errors, decreasing proofreading time
  • reduce the time spent on formatting and finishing the documents.

With a clear structure and pre-formatted, pre-populated documents, Thoughtplanter's subject matter experts were able to complete the modules faster. We were able to proofread the documents quickly, ensure the formatting meets their client’s very high standards and send them back to their client within contracted deadlines. We also explored areas where we could add value by increasing the functionality of the documents. We added cross references and tables of contents allowing their clients to navigate the material quickly.


This decrease in turnover helped Thoughtplanters save time, meet contractual obligations (eliminating late fees) and impress their client with high quality training modules. The process is now streamlined; the subject matter experts can concentrate on content creation, and the CEO can concentrate on important CEO stuff. We have relieved a lot of stress and pressure around tight deadlines. Our new process ensures a quick turnover of 3 high quality training modules every 6 weeks.