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Feedback from our client

"Shamili has been instrumental in a significant rewrite of a number of critical business proposal documents. Shamili's willingness and ability to shift information from a legacy format into cutting edge effective written communication is extraordinary. If you are considering a writer for a must win proposal or tender - get Shamili on board."

Managing Director

Government contracted business, New Zealand

8 October 2015

Their need

This client contacted us after receiving a recommendation about our proposal writing. They wanted their new proposals to:

  • Convey the passion and emotive component of their business (alongside their hard-and-fast results and outcomes)
  • Look visually interesting and appealing
  • Meet the strict standards for the new government RFPs.

Our solution

We sat down with them and really got a feel for the work their social-business did. We went on to develop four proposals for them where we:

  • Designed interesting visuals and graphics that developed and reflected their brand
  • Collected and incorporated specific examples and case studies that highlighted their difference
  • Developed highly tailored and balanced content that:
    • Was professional yet personable so the audience was engaged and could connect with the writing
    • Leveraged the positive unique aspects of their business
    • Showed compliance with the RFPs requests and focused on outcome delivery.


Our client received outstanding feedback and won all four contracts. We've since written four more winning proposals for them.