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Drug Free Sport NZ is New Zealand’s national anti-doping organisation committed to protecting and promoting a culture of clean, drug-free sport.

"Thanks heaps for all your help – it was sooo good to make some headway getting our internal processes written up and we would never have done it without your help."

Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ)

Their Need

Drug Free Sport engaged WritersInc a few years ago to assist with documenting procedures for contractors who conduct athlete drug testing.  We developed templates, reviewed writing and assisted with developing a document control system.

This time they needed assistance to document internal office procedures.

Our Solution

We started by reviewing the original templates so staff could start writing the procedures while we mentored them through the process.  Unfortunately, staff were busy with their day-to-day tasks and the documentation kept taking a back-seat so we were asked to take over the SOP development.


We used the documentation already written as a start and worked closely with employees to document the remaining procedures.  DSFNZ now have an extensive set of SOPs that can be used for training new staff and providing guidance to existing staff.