Unitec Institute of Technology

Their need

Unitec needed to develop a new suite of policies and procedures, and overhaul existing ones. They advertised for a full-time technical writer, offering a 3 month contract.

Our solution

We submitted a proposal to Unitec demonstrating how using our team would be a cheaper, more effective solution. We are efficient researchers and writers, and experienced in writing company policies. We estimated the project could be completed in 2 months giving Unitec an extra month to complete internal reviews; particularly for complex policies such as Procurement and Travel. Since we only invoice for time spent on a project, Unitec benefitted from not paying a contracted salary, and therefore non-productive time.


We interviewed SME's, drafted policy content and implemented post-review-feedback from Unitec staff. Our completed policies were submitted to the Unitec Council and were quickly approved. Our client liaison was extremely happy with the results and continues to use us for policy writing.