Angle | Branding and Graphic Design

Their need

Angle are a branding and graphic design company with clients around the world. Rob contacted WritersInc as he had a client who wanted Angle to design a proposal document.  Once the document’s design was confirmed, the client wanted a simple Word template that would be used to develop proposals.

Our solution

We worked with Angle to create an MS Word document that mirrored the InDesign document. We then converted this into a simple yet functional template.


Angle were thrilled with the template, especially with the accuracy of the Word formatting. They developed additional templates using our original and kept WritersInc on as experts to fine tune these as needed.

Feedback from our client

"We were very happy with the service provided by WritersInc. Niki was prompt, communicative and technically skilled in this area. The final template matched our InDesign file visual very closely and functioned exactly as the client requested. It included multiple cover and divider options and a flexible page layout, with three different case study pages and three different team pages built in. A one-page ‘Using the Template’ instruction sheet was included as part of Niki’s service. This was the icing on the cake. We had a happy client who got exactly what they needed."

— Rob Holloway, Creative Director and Owner at Angle based in Mt Eden, Auckland