Electronic product design and manufacturing client

"Previously, we spent considerable time in the review cycle, wasting engineers’ time as they battled with formatting issues as well as inaccuracies in content.

Writersinc have breathed fresh air into our process and have assumed full ownership of the manuals. As well as introducing templates (sounds obvious but we didn’t do it) they take the trouble to ensure formatting and content is correct before entering the review process.

The outcome for us is that the review time is now considerably reduced and the engineers are no longer left frustrated after the review cycle. 

To use an analogy, after driving around in a Ford model T for the last few years, Writersinc have suddenly popped me into the passenger seat of a Lamborgini and taken me for a drive around the Monza circuit."

- Team Leader

Their need

This client is an international electronic product design and manufacturing company that specialises in training solutions in the defence space.  In early 2015 they contacted us as they wanted to bring their product manuals up to date to reflect their position as leaders in this space.

Our solution

We started by developing templates for operator, maintenance and technical manuals that used best practice principles.  We then converted existing manuals and developed a number of new manuals in the new format, ensuring each type of manual catered to the needs of its specific audience. 


We continue to regularly place writers at this client’s premises – increasing and reducing resources as needed. We have become the ‘go to’ people for all things documentation and are often asked to fix formatting issues, modernise documentation and assist with other projects such as producing posters. Our experience in the training field has enabled us to provide expertise and assist with a number of eLearning and classroom based training projects.