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Exercises you can do in the office

The good thing about working from home is that work colleagues can’t see what you are doing, e.g. office exercises and talking to yourself.

When walking groups and gyms are out, office exercises are in!

Remember sitting is the new smoking – we know it’s not good for us so if you are sitting at your computer and starting to feel like some easy to do exercises, try these…

Feel free to adjust the times or the number of repetitions to suit your level of fitness.

  • Do some shoulder rolls, forwards and backwards. Do them any time you are waiting for something to happen, e.g. a document to open or someone to answer a call.
  • Do some gentle neck exercises. Sit up straight, chin tucked in, turn your head slowly to the left until you are looking over your shoulder, hold for a few seconds and then slowly turn your head back to the centre. Repeat 5 times and then swap to looking over your right shoulder.
  • Put the timer/stopwatch on for 1 minute and run as fast as you can on the spot. Repeat whenever you have been sitting for too long.
  • Stand on one leg. How long can you balance for? Do this while standing waiting for the jug to boil. Hold on to something if your balance isn’t too good at first.
  • Try heel raises. Put the timer on for 1 minute. Feet flat on the floor, stand up straight, then slowly rise up on your toes, and slowly back down. You can do the same raising your toes.

If your brain feels sluggish after a couple of hours on your computer, try some brain exercises like:

  • Shout out an item of food for each letter in your name
  • Name as may capital cities as you can think of
  • Try counting backward from 100 in twos, threes, sevens.

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