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Niki Bailey

Senior Technical Writer |

My background is in IT.  Back at high school we had one lonely computer that sat in an office.  I remember walking past, spotting it when the door was left open, and I started dreaming about working with computers.  I knew nothing about them – maybe that was why – it was the mystery of this new device.  Whatever it was, I made it clear to my first employer that I wanted to work on a computer.  Apart from backing up the wages clerk every so often when I got to use an old Burroughs computer that used a paper tape and looked like a knitting machine, it took almost 3 years to get my hands on a ‘real’ computer.  I was employed as an operator and then a programmer on large IBM mainframes (which probably had less computing power than my current smartphone). 

Many years, and many different jobs (and experiences) later, I have been working as a technical writer for WritersInc since 2006.  It’s a job that I love because of the variety of the projects I get to work on – there’s always something new to learn and my wealth of experience enables me to pass on suggestions to our clients.

Now that both my teenage daughters are rowing I find a lot of my time is spent supporting them both at the rowing club and various rowing regattas. I love my community and have been a trustee at a couple of my daughters’ schools, and I’m on the board for our local community society.   Spare time?  Who has time to spare?  There’s always something that needs to be done…